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1st Distinguished Lecturer Conference 2020

Enviado por el 5 January 2020
1st Distinguished Lecturer Conference 2020
16/01/2020 - 16:30
Holiday Inn Express Quito


SPE Ecuador Section invites you to the 1st Distinguished Lecturer Conference 2020:

Coupling Downhole and Surface fluid Measurements to Reveal Fluids Distribution While Drilling

Distinguished Lecturer:  Ilaria De Santo




Obtaining information on reservoir fluids distribution has always been of paramount importance for O&G Operator as this allows optimizing data acquisition and reducing uncertainties on well completion and field development. When production starts, being able to map differential depletion across the field becomes a complex task, as vertical and lateral reservoir heterogeneities and pressure support strategies might complicate the picture. Hence, complementing traditional pressure measurements with surface and downhole fluid analysis has become extremely important.

Collecting information from hydrocarbon into drilling fluids is today a reliable way of early assess the type and distribution of reservoir bearing fluids, if hydrocarbons are extracted from drilling mud at constant and controllable thermodynamic conditions and once their concentration is calibrated for extraction efficiency. Advanced downhole fluid analysis technologies based on optical spectroscopy have been made available to be deployed while drilling, allowing to precisely characterize fluid composition in real time. The combination of the two technologies gives a continuous with depth fluid profile, which allows detecting potential compartmentalization, reveals presence of vertical or lateral heterogeneities that can explain differential depletion, and de-risks any additional reservoir fluid data acquisition. Additionally, this allows optimizing well placement, de-risks field development plans and finally maximizes the amount of reserves that can be accessed and recovered during the life of the field.


To expand the value of the first event of the year of the SPE Ecuador Section we will have an additional conference given by Zoriana Snovida - Senior Petrophysicist Schlumberger:


Local Examples of Integration Realtime Surface Formation Evaluation with LWD and Geosteering services for while drilling informed decisions



We present several examples from jobs done in Colombia and Ecuador, where advanced gas analysis and cutting XRD where integrated with logs obtained while drilling. This examples demonstrate how this integration improves petrophysical interpretation and fluids understanding, influence geosteering decisions and impact the completion design.






16h30     Registration

17h15      Welcome

17h20      DL Conference

18h05      Questions

18h20      Schlumberger Presentation

18h50      Questions

19h00      Closing and Thanks




DATE:          16 of January, 2020

TIME:           16h30 to 18h30

PLACE:        Holiday Inn Express Quito – Av. Orellana E6 - 54 y Reina Victoria




SPE Members:       USD 10,00 bank transfer until January 15.

                                USD 15,00 cash the day of the event.


No Members:         USD 20,00 bank transfer until January 15.

                                USD 25,00 cash the day of the event.



* The registration will be closed on Thursday, January 16 at 12h00


An Extra 45 Minutes Can Provide a World of Knowledge!


Distinguished Lecturer: 


Ilaria De Santo, Schlumberger


Ilaria De Santo, Schlumberger


Based between Houston (USA) and Milan (IT), Ilaria is Reservoir Fluids Geodynamic Advisor and Surface Formation Evaluation & Reservoir Business Development Manager for Schlumberger Drilling & Measurements HQ. With 20+ years’ experience in the first service oil company in the world, she combines a strong engineering background with a deep knowledge of the worldwide energy market and a solid experience in operations, sales, marketing and product development. She joined Schlumberger in 1998 and has worked in different roles in Italy, France, Algeria, Nigeria, UK and USA. After an extensive experience in the Wireline Formation Testing business, she is now worldwide responsible for Surface Formation Evaluation and Reservoir Business in Schlumberger Drilling & Measurement HQ. In her role, she is in charge of short, medium and long-term planning and development of new technologies, as well as worldwide development of business involving technologies for the exploration and development of both conventional and unconventional oil and gas resources. Ilaria holds an MSc degree in Geology from University of Pavia (IT), an MSc degree in Petroleum Engineering from Heriot-Watt University (Edinburgh, UK), a Global Executive MBA at Bocconi School of Management (Milan, IT), a Music Degree in Piano and a Music Degree in Harpsichord. She has co-authored 32 technical papers for major professional societies and 5 patents. Additionally, she was awarded several Gold and CEO & Schlumberger President Awards, as well as an SPE Formation Evaluation Regional Award (North Sea).



Zoriana Snovida - Senior Petrophysicist Schlumberger


Zoriana Snovida


Zoriana has 15 years of experience working in the petroleum industry. She graduated from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology with Master degree in applied physics and math. She is senior Petrophysicist with Schlumberger currently holding LWD domain champion position. In this role, Zoriana is serving the clients in Colombia, Peru and Ecuador supporting the advanced LWD technologies and introduction of new technologies to the geomarket.